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Weborama Privacy Policy


Protecting your privacy is an essential part of the products and services we provide to our customers and partners.

This privacy policy defines and informs you how Weborama uses and protects the information that you transmit to us.

Weborama is a member of the Transparency and Consent Framework of IAB Europe. This protocol allows us to respect your choices and to provide you with quality information.

Weborama is certified within the professional association EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance) for its compliance with the European self-regulation program for online behavioral advertising (OBA Charter of the IAB Europe).

You can configure the cookies used by member companies of the program by going to http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ .

Weborama is also a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) professional associations dedicated to applying user-friendly principles for responsible data collection for the purpose of targeted advertising.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe our rules regarding the management, processing and storage of personal data submitted as part of our services.

The term “personal data” designates information relating to a natural person identified directly or indirectly.

Opt out

You can object to the collection of personal data operated by Weborama by clicking on the opt-out button below:

Once you click on the button, Weborama will no longer collect your browsing data and will stop building your profile.

The opt-out action (exercise of the right to object) will not prevent Weborama from distributing advertising to the Internet user. It will simply no longer be targeted based on your socio-demographic profile, your areas of interest or your behavior in relation to advertising.

Please note that by clicking on this button, your right of objection will only be effective on this browser. In order for your right to object to be fully exercised, you must perform the same action on all the browsers you use.

About us

Weborama is the leader in semantic artificial intelligence that optimizes the marketing strategies of companies using technological assets, data and data science expertise, based on statistical analyzes.

As part of its activity, Weborama identifies the content, services and products that correspond to your areas of interest from your browsing on the websites of our partners.

Since its creation in Paris in 1998, more than 300 key account clients have placed their trust in Weborama’s innovative solutions to manage and optimize their marketing investments.

How to contact Weborama?

Weborama, a public limited company with board of directors whose registered number is 418663894 RCS Paris, represented by Daniel Sfez, managing director.
Address: 36 rue Raspail 92300 Levallois-Perret – France

How to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Weborama has appointed a data protection officer whose role is to ensure the implementation of compliance with the regulations in force within the company. We invite you to contact him for any questions related to our privacy policy.

For your information:

The areas of interest built by Weborama take the form of audiences that do not allow you to be identified directly (Name and Surname).
These audiences refer to a set of Internet users who have been the subject of a segmentation carried out through the semantic analysis of the words contained in the pages visited on a browser.
Weborama provides this audience segmentation to its customers as well as to its business partners in order to send you personalized content and offers.
Weborama does not collect data allowing you to be directly identified (such as your name, first name, email, telephone number, etc.) and does not structure any sensitive data that may reveal your state of health, your racial or ethnic origin, your religion, your sexual orientation, political opinions or trade union membership.

What are the categories of data processed by Weborama?

Data processed on behalf of Weborama

Through internet browsers

Weborama collects data through computer programs (Tags) that websites have on their web pages. These computer programs provide free services to websites
Weborama requests publishers to ensure that these tags are only executed if you accept cookies for targeted advertising purposes. The data collected via Internet browsers are:
– The Weborama Cookie identifier (W or Wui poster),
– The IP address, which is not kept, only the last approximate location remains through its Weborama cookie ID.
– The URL pages of the various websites consulted.
– The time and duration during which you consult the various pages of the websites.
– The type and version of the browser with which you browse the internet,
– Cookie identifiers of partner technology platforms pursuing the same purposes for which this data was collected.

The data collected by Weborama may be enriched by data from other intermediaries, in particular our partners. This enrichment is also carried out through data from questionnaires from panels allowing us to deduce the probabilistic socio-demographic profile.

Through Mobile Application

To collect data through a mobile application, Weborama uses various partners to collect your advertising mobile identifier.

Data processed on behalf of our clients

During the first visit on the website of one of our customers who have integrated our technology, a tag is triggered and collects your browsing data on the website. The triggering of this tag has the consequences of assigning you an identifier which will be used to draw up a marketing profile about you. The data processed are as follows:

Data transmitted by our customers from their databases:
Weborama requests its customers to pseudonymize your data beforehand. Thus, Weborama is not able to identify you directly.

Through internet browsers:
Weborama collects data on behalf of its customers through their websites and on their mobile applications. The data collected are as follows:

– The Weborama Cookie identifier (W or Wui poster),
-The IP address, which is not kept, only the last approximate location observed through its Weborama cookie ID remains
– The URL pages of the various websites consulted.
– The time and duration during which you consult the various pages of the websites.,
– The type and version of the browser with which you browse the internet,
– The website on which you were exposed to advertising,
– Your behavior in the face of advertising sent to you
– Cookie identifiers of partner technology platforms pursuing the same purposes for which this data was collected.

The data collected by Weborama may be enriched by data from other intermediaries, in particular our partners. This enrichment is also carried out through data from questionnaires from panels allowing us to deduce your probabilistic socio-demographic profile.

Through mobile application:

Customers provide us with your advertising mobile ID.

What is the data retention period for the data processing operated by Weborama?

The retention periods for the data collected are defined and established with regard to the purposes for which they are processed.
In accordance with the CNIL requirements regarding the retention period of cookies for targeted advertising purposes, Weborama cookies and the data associated with these cookies will not be kept for more than 13 months.

• 13 months for Weborama Id Cookies
• 13 months for data associated with cookies allowing to deduce centers of interest

How do Weborama cookies work?

Cookie 3rd Weborama Nom Finalités Opt out Durée de conservation
Weborama.fr Affiche W Personnalisation Oui 13 mois
Mesure de performance Oui
Weborama.com Wui 13 mois
Weborama sync Wam-sync Synchronisation avec des plateformes partenaires (Google, Xandr) 7 jours

What are the purposes of the data processing operated by Weborama?

By collecting your data, Weborama pursues the following purposes:

  • Deliver to you the advertisements and commercial offers most suited to your needs and preferences,
  • Help advertisers and publishers to better target their customers and future customers as part of their customer retention campaigns and commercial prospection;
  • Help companies deliver non-intrusive advertisements,
  • Optimize the frequency of advertising distribution (marketing pressure) to avoid the saturation effect
  • Develop studies for advertisers in various industries (automotive, real estate, distribution, etc.) in particular, to help them gain a better understanding of consumer needs and their market and to help them analyze the performance of their customer retention campaigns and commercial prospecting campaigns,
  • Reconcile the different identifiers of various terminals in order to reconcile them with a profile in a probabilistic manner.

Who are the data subjects of the data processing operated by Weborama?

Weborama collects and processes data relating to customers and prospects of companies that use Weborama’s services to improve their customer retention campaigns and commercial prospecting operations.

Who are the data recipients of the data collected data?

Defined categories of Weborama employees authorized to have access to the data described above, for the purposes of Weborama’s activities and during the limited period of their retention.

Our customers and partners (government organizations, advertisers, media agencies as well as publishers) are recipients of all the data we process.

Our service providers as part of the services they provide to us (hosting providers, technology providers)

Data transfer outside of European Union

Your personal data is treated confidentially within Weborama as well as with Partners and Service Providers located in and outside the European Union. In any event, any transfer of Personal Data outside the territory of the European Union is governed by one of the mechanisms or one of the appropriate guarantees laid down by the applicable laws on the protection of Personal Data, including the GDPR.

How to exercise your rights?

In accordance with the applicable regulations, you can exercise your rights (access, erasure, opposition, etc.):

Because Weborama is unable to directly identify individuals in its database, you must provide us with the following information so that we can handle your request:
• Your advertising identifiers (AFFICHE_W and wui) available within the settings of your navigation
• A copy of your identity document
• A declaration of honor drawn up and signed manually certifying that you are the only person to use the browser or the mobile device relating to this identifier.

Your requests will be processed within 30 days in accordance with the regulations.
If Weborama does not respond to your request within the established timeframe, you can lodge a complaint with the competent regulatory authority France CNIL (Commission National Informatiques et Libertés.)

Data Source

Your personal data processed by Weborama come from our partners:

• Third party data providers (in particular data brokers) and networks of publisher websites, subject to the latter complying with the regulations in force, in particular the information and choice obligations (consent or refusal) which must be offered to individuals;
• Third party websites, through services provided by Weborama.

Existence of automated decisions

The purpose of the data processing by Weborama is to establish a marketing profile.
As a result, these processing operations are subject to automated decision-making consisting in allowing a Weborama client to decide whether or not to display an advertisement based on the propensity scores that Weborama makes available to the client. Where applicable, an advertiser’s decision to purchase advertising space is not made by Weborama, but is permitted by Weborama.
However, the appetite scores produced by Weborama are intentionally categorized to ensure that their use for targeting advertising purposes does not have legal or equivalent effects that may significantly affect you.

Security of your data

As part of its services, Weborama attaches the utmost importance to the security and integrity of your data. Thus, Weborama undertakes to take all useful precautions in order to preserve the security of your data and in particular to protect them against any accidental destruction, alteration, distribution or unauthorized access, as well as against any other form of illicit processing or communication to third parties, unauthorized persons.
To this end, Weborama implements security and organizational measures to protect your data from unauthorized disclosure. We use various security and organizational measures such as data encryption and the implementation of identification tools.
In order to ensure an optimal level of confidentiality and in particular to avoid any unauthorized access, to guarantee the accuracy and proper use of your data, Weborama implements appropriate electronic, physical and supervisory procedures in order to safeguard and preserve the data collected through its services.

However, no one can regard itself as completely safe from a pirate attack. This is why in the event that we suffer a data breach, we undertake to inform you as soon as possible and to provide our best efforts to take all possible measures to neutralize the intrusion and minimize its impacts.

Modification of the Privacy policy

Weborama reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, in particular in application of changes made to the laws and regulations in force. We recommend that you check these rules from time to time to stay informed of our procedures and rules regarding your personal information.

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